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Travelling is a life changing experience that leaves its mark- a mark that is often attached to the unique feeling travel evokes. For me, this feeling is the essence of travel- and I’m hooked.

If you want to travel, then through inspiration and advice I want to help you get one step closer to your first trip and to the travel feeling.
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Hi again! My name’s Danny and I’m the 25 year old English guy behind this blog.

Though as far as travel bloggers go, I feel a bit of a fraud.

I’m currently based full time in the UK and, unlike other travel bloggers on the web, I can’t boast about ditching my day job and selling all my stuff to travel the world (…yet). Nor can I even brag about exploring that many countries (…yet).

But travel has been, is, and will continue to be, one of my greatest passions in life. So I decided to write about it!

My experiences on the road so far, predominantly in New Zealand, South East Asia, Greece and France, have shaped who I am, forged my understanding of life and nurtured a burning desire to explore more of the world.

I take every opportunity I can to travel and I have every intention to make it a full time occupation one day. Slowly but surely, with the help of this blog, I’m getting there!

But I also want to live a life of real meaning and purpose. And for me, this means doing something that in some way helps other people.

Enter Coddiwomp: the platform from which I aim to combine my love of travel with my desire to write and have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

My ultimate goal is to use this blog as a means to share my love of travel with a wider audience, to inspire others to do it for themselves, reap the incredible rewards that travelling offers and, ultimately, to help myself and others live a full and amazing life.

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I’d love to hear from you!

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About Coddiwomp...

At its core, Coddiwomp is a space where I try to inspire and support aspiring travellers to take their first trip.

I want Coddiwomp to become a go-to resource for absolutely anyone who wants to travel. I hope everyone will benefit from this site and community!

This isn’t a budget travel blog, luxury travel blog, family travel blog, adventure travel blog, solo travel blog, group travel blog, or any other of the immense number of travel blog categories that exist these days!

Instead, Coddiwomp is distinctly for first time travellers (FTTs).

As a result, I cover all manner of topics here that I hope cater for everyone and their individual travel aspirations.

A big part of all this is simply about inspiring people to live fully. It just so happens that I think travel is the ultimate way of doing this! I’m determined to make the most of my life and would love to feel somehow part of helping others do the same.

So, in amongst all the travel inspiration, tips and destination pieces, you’ll find a bunch of general life stuff too, including a particular focus on wellbeing and life enhancing endeavours.

For anyone with travel on their to-do list, I hope Coddiwomp will get you one step closer to your first trip and a life well lived.

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Why Coddiwomp?

People often ask me (usually with eyebrows raised in confusion) what Coddiwomp actually means and where I got the name from. If the same question had crossed your mind too, I don’t blame you! It definitely isn’t your typical travel blog name.

Let me try and explain.

Coddiwomp stems (literally) from an old English word, ‘coddiwomple’, which means to travel with purpose to an unknown destination.

I stumbled across this funny word for the first time while trying to figure out a name for the blog. I’d googled something or other and it simply popped up in a list of other little known, niche travel-esque words. It immediately jumped out at me.

The word itself is cool and quirky, but it was the meaning that really sealed the deal.

To travel with purpose to an unknown destination.

I love the imagery behind the definition and straight away felt a personal affinity with it: in some ways I’ve been ‘coddiwompling’ my whole life...

Weirdly, I’ve always felt like I’m headed somewhere. Despite total ignorance to where or what that might be, I’ve always had this vague, ill-defined (and almost certainly naive) notion that someday, something significant will take place in my life. And as best as I can, I’ve tried to press on and make it happen.

Who knows, perhaps this blog is what I’ve been waiting for: the destination I’ve unwittingly been heading towards!

But all that aside, the word ‘coddiwomple’ also matched my wish to write a blog for first time travellers. Indeed, I think the word perfectly sums up the journey of a FTT.

So much of first time travel is unknown. You may well know where you’re going in a literal sense, but in a more figurative, spiritual way the destination is a complete mystery. The trials, tribulations and life lessons are all to come.

I love the image of someone stepping out into the unknown, with backpack donned and the simple, but burning, determination to have an adventure.

So I settled on Coddiwomple.

But it turns out lots of other people did too! Apparently it is actually quite a popular travel related word. So, refusing to back down, I chopped the ‘le’ off and made the word my own.

And Coddiwomp was born…


The Travel Feeling...

Another key part of Coddiwomp is the ‘travel feeling’.

Travel has become a concept and a way of life for me, identifiable through a feeling it evokes. It’s why the blog slogan is ‘we feel travel’!

What I call the travel feeling is absolutely central to what made me decide to start Coddiwomp in the first place. Simple, one day I realized that travel evoked an incredibly distinctive feeling within me- a bit like wanderlust, but more.

Excitement, fear, happiness, trepidation, hope, uncertainty, contentment- it is all of these, and none of them.

The travel feeling is this deep and visceral sensation of stepping into the unknown, seizing life in both hands, living for the moment and creating unforgettable memories.

It is an intense longing for adventure and new experience; the nagging desire to leave behind the safety and banality of everyday life in exchange for exploration and discovery.

Once you’ve experienced the travel feeling, it is difficult to put out of your mind. It latches its claws onto you, gets under your skin and seeps into your bones, leaving you fundamentally changed and wanting more. I am forever, inextricably hooked. 

It’s hard to describe exactly what the feeling is, but I know I want Coddiwomp to represent it.

I want to use the travel feeling as a foundation to support first-time, aspiring travellers to go on an adventure and experience it for themselves.

Read more about the travel feeling!

 Here I am on a rock, enjoying the view on one of my previous adventures. Proper traveller style. I put it here to inspire you to travel too...Did it work!?  

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