Travel Accommodation Resources

Finding Cheap Travel Accommodation

1)      The Expert Vagabond is an awesome site, packed full of travel content. If you are thinking of travelling, it is absolutely worth spending some time there. In this particular article Matt goes deep into how to find cheap accommodation while you’re away. Suggestions extend from hostels to squatting and pretty much everything in between.

2)      As always, NomadicMatt offers some pearls of wisdom, this time about finding cheap accommodation. Some of the same suggestions as that of the Expert Vaganbond, but some new ones too, including monasteries. Yep, monasteries. The article goes into lovely nitty gritty detail such as how to set yourself up on couchsurfing. Another one well worth a read.

3)      Here’s a great post with a host of ideas for how to score cheap or free accommodation while you travel. Again, some recurring themes showing up such as couchsurfing and budget hostels, but a bunch of novel ideas too. I love this article for the variety of suggestions included.

Hostel tips

1)      This piece from IndianaJo is a comprehensive article for any hostel questions and concerns. IndianaJo goes deep. Topics include how to pick the right hostel for you, how to pack for the experience and what to expect. This is a long article and the content is great- get to the end and you’ll have everything you need to get hostelling.

2)      In this article the Hostel Girl gives her spin on tips and tricks for hostel travel. You get the impression as you read through that these tips are written from a tonne of experience. Great tips and fun to read, this post is a good place to start to prep for hostel stays.

3)      While I'm talking about the Hostel Girl, give this next post a read too. I've quickly realised that this is a one-stop shop for any hostel queries or quandaries. Here are 47 myth busting points well made about hostel stays. Entertaining and fun to read.

4)      Here’s a funny and informative read from Lonely Planet where the author gives their suggestions for a positive hostel experience. Suggestions and anecdotes followed with pro tips, which is a nice touch. A good read to get a real idea of what dorm rooms can be like and how to prepare for the challenges!

5)      First time traveller? First time in a hostel? This is the article you need. The author goes right into the nitty gritty so you’ll know exactly how to book, pack and get the most from you first hostel stay. A blog post packed full of great info.

Camping Tips

1)      Planning on camping for your travels? For anyone thinking of doing some decent camping stints during their time away, this article from Matador network will be right up your street. Some awesome and innovative tips to make your camp as pleasurable as possible.

2)      Here’s an article from Kathmandu on this topic. Some worthwhile points to keep in mind for any would-be campers out there. Three categories covered are ‘before you leave’,’ setting up camp’ and ‘packing up’. Useful content.

3)      Check out this useful check-list of gear for camping. Some good suggestions and must-pack items. Depending on how often you plan to camp and where you plan to do it, some of these items won’t be necessary ( the axe). Nevertheless, this is a great resource- tick them off as you go along!


1)      One of the most cost-effective ways of getting a night’s sleep available. This was mentioned in nearly every article I found for how to travel cheaply. Here’s a link to the main sit to check it out for yourself.

2)      Here’s NomadicMatt again, providing some more awesome travel content. This article is about ‘How to Crush it on Couchsurfing’. Once you’ve got your head around what couchsurfing actually is, Matt goes in depth into how to do it effectively. This is perfect information if you’re new to the process and are looking into how to go about it.

3)      Following on from learning to couchsurf well, here’s couchsurfing’s very own guide on this topic.

4)      20somethingfinance give the low down on couchsurfing and couch surfing etiquette. Again, if you’re new to this process this is well worth a read to get up to speed on it all.

5)      And one more for luck. Charlie on Travel gives some thoughts on how to be an awesome couchsurfer. This post goes into detail on how to get a host and on general best practice when it comes to this form of accommodation. A valuable read for anyone considering this option.