Infographic: Advice From 22 Leading Travel Bloggers

Sometimes we need a little help from the best in the business.

Consequently, I asked 22 leading travel bloggers for answers to three questions that I hoped would help a first time traveller come away feeling inspired and advised.

Here's an infographic with the top quotes from question 2's answers: the best advice they'd give to someone considering travel for the first time! It may be advice, but I find the quotes inspirational in their own right!

I hope you do too.


Amazing Contributing Travel Bloggers

(In order of infographic appearance)

1) Christine from C’est Christine 

2) Daisy & Adam from Cases Packed 

3) Cory from You Could Travel 

4) Milou from Explorista 

5) Caz from YTravelBlog 

6) Sandy & Vyjay from Voyager 

7) Jenny from She Gets Around 

8) Arianwen from Beyond Blighty 

9) Inma from A World To Travel 

10) Jenn and Jack from Who Needs Maps 

11) Char from Taylor Hearts Travel 

12) Emily from Dirty Gourmet 

13) Christy from Ordinary Traveler 

14) Amanda from A Dangerous Business 

15) Matt from Nomadic Matt 

16) Laurence from Finding the Universe 

17) Michelle from Mishvo in Motion 

18) Abigail from Inside the Travel Lab 

19) Alex from Lost With Purpose 

20) Ed from RexyEdventures 

21) Emily from Emily Luxton Travel

22) Ashley from Ashley Abroad