Coddiwomp Travel Gear

I created Coddiwomp to help people travel.

So with this in mind, I decided to put together a selection of high quality and affordable travel gear perfect for any adventure.

When it comes to travel packing, less is more. So, as a result, anything available for sale in the Coddiwomp store will be both travel friendly and functional. Every product earns its place because I see it as an important addition to a traveller's backpack!

If you're dissatisfied with anything you purchase, please please please contact me here or get in touch with me via Facebook or Instagram

All the very best, Danny :)

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The Money Belt

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RRP £19.99 Limited time 50% off: 

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Money belts are great little additions to anyone's packing list. Whether it's the added security in crowded places, ease of access to valuables or just keeping everything important in one place, money belts can come in incredibly helpful on any trip, abroad or at home! The Coddiwomp money belt is no exception and has been designed specifically with travellers in mind

You can purchase the Coddiwomp Money Belt here or read on for more information!


Money Belt Features

  • WATERPROOF, BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The Nylon material makes the belt suitable for all weather conditions so that come rain, snow or shine, your valuables are kept dry, safe and secure. It's mesh backing keeps things nice and breathable back there too!
  • FUNCTIONAL & STYLISH DESIGN: The perfect combination! Materials are high quality and durable. The elasticised strap fits most sizes and stops the belt slipping. Ease of access is ensured by two zipped pockets- one large one small- and a velcro pocket on the front. Three internal pockets keep items separate and close to hand. A head phone port means you can listen to music

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