Travel Fitness & Exercise Resources

1)      If you plan on checking out just one link on this page, then I recommend this one from Eleven articles at the time of writing, all dedicated to staying fit while you’re travelling. Titles include ‘Who Needs a Gym?’, ‘Staying Fit On the Road’ and ‘8 Training Drills for Travellers’. This is a great, comprehensive list of articles full of useful ideas for maintaining your fitness while away.

2) seems to be everything you need for ideas on how to stay fit while you’re travelling. Here's a link to their article on recommended fitness items that you could take with you, but while you’re on the page why not check out the abundance of other posts on workouts, eating right and bodybuilding while you’re there? Tonnes of great content and a must-visit for anyone interested in working out during their travels.

3)      This article from is written by Steve Kamb, founder of It is a looong article but equally packed full of useful ideas for how to stay fit and healthy while you’re away. Entitled ‘The Foolproof Guide to Staying in Shape While Travelling’, it pretty much does what it says on the tin. The focus is on body-weight exercises and managing diet, but might be a little off-point for more serious gym-rats.

4)      Here’s a post from Alyssa Ramos, a full-time traveller come writer. Her piece for the Huffington Post gives 20 tips she follows to stay fit while she’s away. Strictly speaking this isn’t purely about exercise/fitness but it is still relevant! From eating well to taking the stairs, the tips cover a range of subjects on general wellbeing during your trip.

5)      Short and sweet, this article from covers three basic rules to follow in the pursuit of keeping fit: make a plan, stick to it and be active all the time, everywhere. Read the full article for good little ideas to carry around with you wherever you are in the world.

6)      This page is packed full of printable workouts that would be great to use during your travels. The webpage is full of pictures of attractive, fit and toned women mid-exercise, but don’t be put off! I'm pretty sure you don’t have to fit this demographic to use the page. The workouts would be great for anyone- you don’t have to be an ultra-toned supermodel.

7) goes into all things travel and though the tips may at first seem a little girl-oriented, the tips on how to stay in shape while travelling are definitely transferable to anyone. Taking the stairs seems to be a common theme in travel fitness articles and it gets a mention here too, but more niche ideas like HIIT room workouts get a mention as well. Well worth a read.

8)      For gym-rats wary of leaving the plates and dumbbells behind on their travels, this article might be a little more up your street. The content of this piece focuses on using whatever you have in your environment to get your workout completed. Some good tips and ideas on how to get your weight training completed with zero equipment.

9)      For more workout ideas while you’re away and without access to gym equipment, here are some routines that will help. Simply find the workout that you wish to do and click through for full details of each exercise technique.

10)   For any hardcore gym goers seriously into their body-building, here’s an article for you. It is a little hotel-focused, but written by Hugo Rivera (a pro body builder), he gives some tips to carry on working out and eating right to sustain muscle growth and development during your trip. For anyone just looking for some ways to stay healthy this one may be a little too intense.

11)   Stay fit with 5 minutes of exercise a day, suitable anywhere in the world. Sound good? This article for men’s health gives some ideas for just how to do it. Again, suitable for everyone. Some more neat tips and ideas for how to make the most out of your environment to stay fit while you’re away.

12) Hiking is a great way to stay fit while travelling. Pretty much any country you visit will have ample opportunity to stretch your legs! For inspiration, check out The Wandering Queen travel blog- an awesome site with a load of pieces about hiking in the US. This particular piece on hiking in Needles District, Utah, is one of my favourites: