Travel Food Resources

General Food and Cooking Tips

1)      Travelling kitchen

Entitled ‘Must haves for a travelling kitchen’ this article gives some pretty good all round info for how to make your experience with food entirely positive while you’re away! In a relatively short piece, the author packs in suggestions for a variety of areas, such as essential food related items to pack, food staples, snacks and recipes. Check it out for a trove of helpful information.

2)      The Essentials- hostel meals

This author has done a great job of giving some perfect meal options for people staying in a hostel as well as some advice on how and where to buy your food. This is a really funny, easy read, packed full of good info. With a great idea or two for breakfast, lunch and dinner you won’t be blown away by too much info and will come away with some handy tips to keep in mind for your travel cooking.

Food to Pack

1)      Backpacking buys

Dirtygourmet is great, fullstop. This article provides some amazing food suggestions for what to purchase for your travels if you’ve got limited space but still want to eat well. The ideas are all readily available from the supermarket, which means it will be cheap and probably translate across most countries. They divide their ideas into ‘the bulk’, ‘the flavour’ and ‘the topping’, which just makes a whole lotta sense. For anyone searching for ideas on what food to buy while you’re away, this is a great place to start.

2)      Hiking food and cooking suggestions

Although this article is slightly hiking oriented, there are still lots of transferable ideas for whatever form your travels take. The author gives general info and advice on things like quantities, meal planning considerations and meal ideas. This is a helpful article that covers a lot of ground. 

Eating Healthily

1)      Eat healthily abroad

This article gives some useful bits of info about how to eat healthily abroad. It seems more suited for shorter length, higher budget travel, so not all the info may be right for you, but the suggestions on perishable and non-perishable foods and on some of the packing tips too were some golden nuggets of info. Also has tips on what you can take through airport security! 

2)      Check out the tips for dehydrating your food in the 'Tips for transportation' section, which is a great way of getting your five a day while travelling.

3)      Tips for the fitness conscious

Mensfitness provides loads of great content on how to stay fit and healthy. In this short article about food and travel they give you some really useful tips on what to eat and when to do it to ensure you are keeping up with your healthy diet while you’re away. They mix in a chunk of the science to back up their suggestions too.

Meal Ideas

1)      Backpacking/camping meal ideas

Okay, so I’ve come to realise that the website dirtygourmet is perfect for all of your camping and outback foody needs. This particular webpage is full of their recipe ideas for your trip and there are tonnes of great suggestions, all made up of non-perishable, lightweight and tasty dishes. Recipes might be a bit fancy for some, but all seem easily adaptable and good enough for home cooking, let alone out on the road. Check it out.

2)      Simple and tasty ideas

For some slightly simpler options to those of dirtygourmet, check out this list of ‘23 Simple and Delicious Recipes for Travellers’. These ideas are perfect for people cooking on a budget with limited access to culinary resources, for example in a basic hostel kitchen. I think even some of their suggestions could be a little bit complex for the typical traveller, but from starters, to mains, to desserts, there will be an idea that fits what you need. The list includes options for meat and meat-free alternatives.

3)      Hostel cooking

Okay, hostels are often a big part of anyone’s trip abroad and cooking in a hostel kitchen is often an experience in itself: more people than space, slightly broken kitchen utensils that just about do the job, random plate selections complete with remnants of the last user’s dinner plus dodgy kitchen equipment makes for inventive meals. Breaking away from anything fancy, this article provides an amusing list of proper traveller meals that are likely to come in handy at some point during your travels. Think less health and flavour and more about the practical aspects of cooking while you’re away, and you’ll enjoy these suggestions.

4)      Gourmet travel cooking

Okay, I felt the need to balance things out after those hostel meal ideas- as great as they are. Bootsnall have written an article on ‘Gourmet food on the road’. However, though this may be better suited to any real foodies who can’t imagine sacrificing top notch grub while they’re away, don’t be daunted by the title as there are still some options for anyone who fancies something more basic. Check it out for some lovely recipe ideas and additional packing suggestions.

Food on a Budget

1)      Eat well, cheaply.

Check out this article from lifehacker for some good little tips on how to eat well without overspending. From making the most of grocery stores, packing your own meals with meal suggestions, to packing a reusable water bottle, the author gives some great tips on this topic. 

2)      Save money while cooking

This article is packed full of great information on how to save money while still eating well during your travels. The author covers topics such as buying the basics, eating like a local, planning the menu and simplifying the meals. Some of my favourite suggestions were the reminder to pack tupperware boxes or ziplock bags (these are essential for avoiding waste!) and to carry essential ingredients like salt and pepper to add flavour to your meals.  

3)      Eat out and save money

Nomadicmatt’s website is an absolute treasure trove of travel information that should definitely be on your list of websites to visit before you go travelling. In this article Matt goes deep into some of the things he’s learned about ‘how to eat cheap around the world’. A nice twist to this article is that the focus is on how to eat out cheaply, rather than cooking, with content divided into ‘Budget-friendly places to eat’ and ‘Other ways to save’- each with great info. Much recommended read.

Tips for Transportation

1)      Dehydrating!

Dehydrating your food basically means shrinking food to tiny size by removing the moisture from it- think turning grapes to raisins. I’d never even heard of this before I went travelling but for obvious reasons it is very popular among travellers, hikers and anyone who has limited storage space on a trip. If you’re constantly on the go this may be less helpful, but if you can get your hands on a dehydrator or an oven, it seems like a great way to save space and eat healthily. Here are some links to show the process and give some recipe ideas:

a)      Trailcooking has some fun recipe ideas:

b)      Backpackingchef answers all of your dehydrating questions:

2)      I featured this article in the ‘Tips on what to eat’ section, but there is a tonne of great info on food packing and transportation to consider for your travels. Again, slightly hiking focused, but definitely transferable.

3)      Check out this article in the ‘General food and cooking’ section that provides some suggestions for items to pack that will help with your food transportation needs!