Travel Health, Safety & Wellness Resources

Look After Yourself- Physically

1)      NomadicMatt brought in a guest writer to post on the topic of solo female travel safety. This piece is directed at women, but I’m pretty sure the advice could apply to anyone! Really useful and important information on this topic, written by someone (Kristin Addis) who seems to know what they’re talking about! Check it out.

2)      Here’s an awesome piece from OrdinaryTraveler on the topic of staying safe during your travels. Topics vary from things you might think of (e.g. getting travel insurance) to ones you might not (e.g. using safety apps on your phone). Tonnes of lovely safety ideas to help you stay out of harms way. 

3)      This next link is to a website dedicated to travel safety. These guys seem to cover pretty much everything you would ever need to know about this subject. Seriously, it is pretty impressive how deep they’ve gone on their site. This site is a hypochondriac’s dream, but if you’re simply after some general safety tips, this may be a little intense.

4)      Here are some safety tips from a CIA travel agent. No joke. If ever there should be an expert on this subject, this should be it right? Here are some high calibre ideas from a high calibre source. Some ideas repeat from previous posts (e.g. digitised documents, acting like local...) and it's a little hotel oriented, but some absolute gems are scattered throughout. Read for cool and novel thoughts on this topic.

5)      I’ve always found the blogs from Adventurous Kate to be great to read and full of great info. This piece is no exception. If you want a solid foundation on the topic of travel safety from which to start, begin your reading here. Just some awesome, to the point tips to keep in mind.   

6) is exactly what it says on the tin, this time discussing their tips on staying safe. There’s a great section educating on scams that the author has come across on their travels- worth remembering! Check it out.

7)      Another one from Backpackeradvice while I’m at it! This time on travel vaccinations and safeguarding from illness. Definitely worth a read. The author goes through common vaccinations, illnesses you can’t vaccinate against and how to protect yourself where possible during your travels.

8)     On to my (least) favourite topic: vaccinations. However, go no further than Fitfortravel- an NHS website for everything you need to know on vaccinations and more on general travel health information. This site is essential for any planned trip to exotic foreign shores!

9)      Here's a fantastic, comprehensive piece on travel safety that everyone should check out. It's by the guys over at Bookmundi and is packed full of great tips to keep you safe and well on the road.


Look After Yourself- Mentally

1)      Staying safe physically is obviously important during your travels. However, the importance of staying mentally well shouldn’t be ignored. Nomadic Unicorn’s 10 tips on this subject are insightful, important and based on the author’s personal experience. Many of these bits of advice apply to general life too, but with a travel slant this article is a great means of putting the building blocks in place for mental wellness while you’re away.

2)   Here’s another one with further tips on staying mentally well on your travels. Check out this blog from that is simply awesome. The author gives practical tips and strategies to support your mental health during you travels. Some pearls of wisdom to help you stay as mentally well as possible. Well worth a read.

3) Ipse Wilderness is a website and organisation run by Julia Gillick, which aims to immerse people in nature as a way of supporting their well being. It's currently a UK based operation built around wilderness therapy, with an emphasis on holistic, immersive, supportive outdoor experiences and nature walks. The site includes blog pieces related to the importance of nature on your well being, as well as all the info you need to enrol to the expeditions themselves.