Travel, Memory Making & a Story Teller's Dream

 Travel. Make memories. Tell stories.

Travel, Memory Making & a Story Teller's Dream

Ever struggle for conversation in social situations? Feel like you never have anything interesting to add in discussions around the dinner table?

Enter travel- the perfect antidote to this quandary. If you travel, the problem often becomes choosing which one of the amazing stories to tell and when.

To have a story to tell you need memories, and one thing travel is superb at is creating them.

Eventually, it is likely get to a point where most of your stories begin with: 

So this one time when I went travelling I [insert amazing story]

...and people no longer want to hear about all the incredible things you did while you were away, when they were sat drowsing in a lecture, or behind a desk. 

Here’s a few things I did on one weekend in Trincomoli, Sri Lanka:

  • Dolphin and whale watching on a boat at sunrise
  • Snorkelling with sharks (only black tips, but still enough to make me wee myself a little bit when one swam a metre past my face)
  • 5* seafood dinner on the beach for the price of a Big Mac
  • Walking down a white sand beach through crystal clear turquoise blue waters without another soul in sight
  • Watching a storm on the horizon flash lightning across the sky with the Milkyway hanging above us

...All on one weekend.

Travelling will provide enough fuel for your storytelling fires to last a lifetime. The more you travel, the more you create.

Importantly, your tales won’t necessarily always be about the things you’ve done, or about the beautiful things you’ve seen or the wonderful people you’ve met along the way, but more poignantly about the things you’ve learned or maybe times that for one reason or another you really struggled.

Just as travel isn’t always happy and care-free, the memories you acquire will not always be of happy, care-free times.

 You'll never be short of a tale if you travel, but there's more to it than that...

You'll never be short of a tale if you travel, but there's more to it than that...

Travel is far more than a machine for memory creation. It's far more than a vehicle for doing great things.

It is like taking a course in life.

Things can be amazing for different reasons, right?

Swimming with sharks that weekend in Sri Lanka was insanely cool, but it was sharing the experience and doing it with my friends that made it special.

Unexpectedly, the stories I hold onto most dearly in the memory bank pertain to a life lesson I learned over some awesome thing I did or saw. The stories I recount to myself most frequently follow on in the same way.

Here lies the real incentive- the real reward:

Alongside an amazing memory of an event is something deeper and more significant that becomes attached to it. All good stories have a moral.

Through travel you will find yourself in out-of-this-world crazily beautiful, awe-inspiring situations; you will do things you never dreamed of doing, see things you have never seen before and feel emotions in a way you haven’t in the past.

You will grow, develop and learn.

The resulting memories you will form will serve you well and provide you with stories for the rest of your life. All you have to do is go and write them.