Why Travel Is the Best Way to Use Your Time

 Without the pressure of everyday life, there's time and opportunity to embrace each moment.

Why Travel is the Best Way to use Your Time

Time is a precious commodity. And, with all there is to do in life, there isn’t that much of it to spare.

After we’ve done everything we need to (sleep, work, clean, cook, eat etc), there’s often very little remaining to do what we might really want to.

At home, regardless of where we are in life, work-life balance quickly becomes work-life imbalance. Throw some tiredness into the mix after fulfilling all responsibilities and suddenly time becomes an even greater commodity.

Moreover, what little of it we have passes at a frightening rate.

I’m staggered by how quickly time flies these days- where a year used to feel like an eternity, the older I’ve become the years seem to pass without me even realising.

Travel is a powerful tool to forging freedom from those everyday responsibilities and freeing time to do things you really want to.

Everyone’s heard the age-old maxim that ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.

Well, I’d add that any form of routine (fun or not so fun) also seems to press the fast-forward button on things.

Whether you’re working full time, or at school or university, or whatever, there is routine involved. For me, when this is the case days seem to drift seamlessly into weeks; weeks into months and then on into years.

When days are filled with the same old stuff, they automatically intermingle and each one becomes like the next.

Unfortunately, that’s often when fun goes out the window and rather than working to live, we live to work..

Looking for an antidote? Travel.

 Travel affords you the gift of time. 

Travel affords you the gift of time. 

When you travel, no two days have to be the same.

You get to set your own routine, or live without one entirely. There is nothing to say you must do this or do that, meet this deadline or reach that target, submit this piece of work, or study for that exam.

You have the ability to do whatever you like, namely because the pressures of everyday life are no longer present.

Suddenly, we have the freedom to choose and constraints of time fall away when you have no obligation to do anything.

Initially, this can be disorientating.

One thing the responsibilities of home are often good for is giving us a sense of purpose.

When you travel, after the initial honey-moon period is over this might not be as easily found. Without the safety net of structure and routine, it is easy to feel lost and to drift through days without seizing opportunities at hand.

However, by taking advantage of the time you have forged for yourself, purpose will soon follow. You have the time to read, explore, write, sit, relax, sleep in, stay out, socialise, reflect, exercise, draw, build, create...whatever you want.

It is liberating.  

In life, time is both short and passes quickly. However, this is often a challenge of our own making and with some tweaks we can do a lot to help the situation.

Travel is one such tweak.

Really, time will pass quickly whether we like it or not. Focus on what you do with it- this is where you have control.

When you travel there is time to play with and the chance to rectify the prevailing work-life imbalance of home. Make the most of what little time you have.