Travel Money Resources


1)      I love Adventurous Kate’s blog and have featured her posts on a number of these advice pages. She writes in a refreshingly open and honest way about her experiences of all things travel. Here, she gives a comprehensive account of how she saved up the money for her first trip, including the required lifestyle changes, sacrifices and thought processes that helped her save $13,000 in seven months. FYI, she was pretty hard core. Check it out.

2)      Only have 5 minutes to spend on this topic? Start with this list from Ordinary Traveler. Short and sweet, here are 10 great ideas to help you save money for your trip. The ideas are simple, straight forward (often common sense) and can be put to effect immediately. A worthy read if you’re short on time but want good bang for your buck.

3)      ExpertVagabond provides tonnes of inspiring and informative travel advice. You should check it out. This piece on how to save for travel is really no exception. The points are right out of the top draw and in myth-busting style, provide food for thought on how to save for your trip. This is a comprehensive article on this topic and will leave you eager to start saving.

4)      Stumped on ideas for how to save money? Check this article from Buzzfeed out. It’s jammed full of tips (38, to be exact) on this subject and provides some niche/specific ideas compared to the other articles I’ve featured here. You’ll also find ideas on how to spend your money sensibly too.

5)      I love this article from World of Wanderlust. Even without all the useful little tips on this subject I think it would be an article worth reading. Brooke Saward, the author, gives her account of everything she has done and continues to do in the interest of saving money for the sake of travel. You should give it a look!

6)      Carrying cash is often required when travelling. Given that cards can charge you outrageous amounts and the rate you're getting is never guaranteed, sometimes it just makes sense. But to save money on cash you need a good conversion rate. is a currency comparison site for getting the best rates on getting your travel cash. It shows you all of your options, you can pick the best rate and whether you want it delivered or to get it on the high street. Check it out!


1)      Okay, so, financial posts might not be top of the agenda when you’re planning and getting excited for your trip. However, this one may be of some use! This is packed full of money matters and ideas to think about before you go. From informing your bank to tips on credit and debit cards, this is a worthwhile read.

2)      More lovely money help! Here’s another one on managing your money effectively. This one gives more tips on banks, exchange rates and carrying money around.

3)      Individual posts on this topic not enough? Here’s a whole website/blog for you to get your teeth into. This couple devote their attention to travelling on a budget so it is worth spending some time here! Packed full of great information.

4)      This next one is a great list of 50 tips on budget travel. Sections are divided into tips on the following: airfares, eating, car rentals, transportation, currency, accommodation, shopping, alternatives and general tips.

5)      Want to travel? Struggling for funds? Travel is still possible. Here’s the Roughguide’s list of the 20 cheapest places to travel. Heads up- it will get your travel juices flowing.

6)      If you don’t know by now, NomadicMatt is a bit of an authority on all things travel. You should really check his site out when you have time! In this article, he goes deep into how to travel on a budget. Seriously, this is pretty comprehensive. Be sure to have a read.