Miscellaneous Inspiration

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The travel feeling

The travel feeling is literally the starting point for everything Coddiwomp is and does. It is the reason I created Coddiwomp  and the foundation from which it moves; a feeling that inspires me to inspire you to tap into it. What actually is the travel feeling though? This blog series asks travellers to define what it means to them.

What's stopping you?

It is pretty easy to think of all of the reasons why travel is so incredible. However, there’s no denying it, there are also some pretty legitimate obstacles along the road to taking that first trip. In this blog series I address the ones I could think of and suggest ways to work around them. Read on for solutions to common travel problems.

why I first went

Every traveller was once an aspiring traveller. In this blog series I asked people what made them decide to travel for the first time. If you're thinking of going for the first time, read on to see if you share any of these reasons for first time travelling...

first time travels

The first time you go travelling will change your life. From the good, the bad, to the lessons learned, in this series you'll read descriptions of first time travel experiences. Unsure if you really want to travel? This section will provide all the motivation you need to pack your bags and do it for yourself.

It isn't all hunkydory

Travelling will change your life in amazing ways, but it isn’t all happy-go-lucky fun-times. This blog series looks at some of the challenges you're likely to face and ways to overcome them. As tough as things can seem at times, no travel challenge is insurmountable.

amazing tales

An absolute certainty of travelling is that you will have truly awe-inspiringly magical experiences. It is a perfect tool for memory making. In this series travellers describe some of their all-time favourite travel moments. Prepare for stories of intense excitement, fear, magic and wonder.

Travel gains

St. Augustine said that ‘life is like a book and those who do not travel read only one page’. The message is simple: travelling is a way of enhancing your life. From forging memories and friendships, to looking good on your CV, this blog series focuses on some of the incredible rewards travel can bring, to inspire you to grab your metaphorical piece of the pie. 

What travel teaches you 

There are tonnes of lessons learned with travel. In fact, it is one big learning experience. Period. In this series of blogs you'll read about the ones that stand out most.