Travel Packing Related Resources

General Packing Tips

1)      Okay, this post from tortugabackpacks is a great place to start for anyone with questions about packing. The article provides links to other posts on this subject from their site, including things like ‘RTW (round the world) Packing Tips’, ‘11 Ways to Pack Less’, ‘7 Secrets to Packing Light’, ‘The Definitive Carry-on Packing List’ and more great content. 

2)      This is a super comprehensive list from Travelfashiongirl, with 60 tips from travel bloggers around the net to satisfy anyone’s packing queries. From what to pack and how to pack it, there’s something for everyone here. Jam packed full of awesome packing advice and suggestions, this is well worth a read.

3)      Following on from the article from the experts comes another comprehensive post from Travelfashiongirl, who put together this list of 75 packing tips that goes into masses of detail. This article will answer questions you didn’t even know you had. The article is divided into different types of travel too so there’s something for everyone.

4)      This article from skyscanner is full of good little tips to ensure you pack sensibly and effectively. There are lots of great ideas to take away. Some of the tips might apply to holiday-goers more than travellers, but pretty much all of their suggestions would transfer to more extended trips.

What to Pack

1)      NomadicMatt’s site is a must visit for anyone considering going travelling and there is some great stuff about what to pack. Here are two articles from there:

a) Kristin Addis, a guest writer, has put together a female packing guide from her 4 years experience on the road. Although it was written with ladies in mind, anyone reading this will get some great tips for what to pack and what not to. Extra useful are the packing suggestions for different parts of the world.

b) Matt gives some of his own suggestions for general packing. This is full of useful information for any budding traveller considering what to pack for their travels.

2)      On the subject of female packing guides, you might also check out the link to Herpackinglist, which provides reams of packing ideas on this subject, entitled ‘The Ultimate Female Travel Packing List to Everywhere’. Needless to say, with a title this broad there’s a lot of info and ideas here.

3)      When you’re travelling there’s nothing worse than lumping around a backpack or suitcase that is too heavy for you. When it comes to packing for your trip, packing light is key! This article from the Hitchhikershandbook gives some awesome tips on this subject, starting with your rucksack and moving to clothes, toiletries and general packing.

4)      Tortugabackpacks blog has compiled a list of suggestions from seasoned travellers giving some more unorthodox suggestions for packing lightly. From information from the type of bag you take to the clothes you pack, there’s a tonne of information that will help ensure you don’t over pack.

5)      Another great piece from Her Packing List, entitled ‘Travel Like MacGyver: Items to Pack That Solve Problems’. Here the author gives some awesome suggestions for little things to pack that can make a big difference. From nail varnish to duct tape, there are some cool tips for super helpful things to pack.

6)      Planning a road trip? If you are, this list of 45 items from will make sure you pack everything you'll need. This is a great piece broken down into sections to cover all your road tripping needs!

What NOT to Pack

1)      When you’re trying to save space it is important not to pack things you don’t need. However, if you’ve not been travelling before it can be hard to know what these things are! Independent traveller has done a good job at providing an answer to this question in their list of things not to take. Check it out.

2)      Here’s a post from globotreks giving their ideas on what not to pack. I reckon this post of 15 things you don’t need while you’re away pretty much covers everything.!

How to Pack

1)      Before you know how to pack your stuff, you need to have something to pack that stuff into, right? In this article NomadicMatt provides a comprehensive look into what to look for in a backpack for your next adventure. Tonnes of great suggestions.

2)      Herpackinglist is the answer to all of your packing prayers. The subject of this article is how to pack light for a year of travel but for the most part these ideas can be used regardless of how long you’re planning to be away for. 

3)      This article from Independenttraveller provides some tips for how to go about packing efficiently. Short and sweet, you’ll come away with a few more ideas for making the most of your packing space, including a novel way of packing that they’ve called ‘The bundle approach’. 

4)      So I used this article from the Hitchhikershandbook in the ‘What to pack’ section too, but there’s a load of useful information on how to pack as well. Check their post out for golden nuggets of info on packing light and making the most out of space.