I created Coddiwomp to help people travel for the first time...

...and, for aspiring travellers, money is a common obstacle to achieving those travel goals.

This is where my 'discounts and deals' page comes in.

If you click the 'Send to Messenger' button below, your name will go on a long list of others who want to save money on travel, and I'll be able to send you exclusive offers that will save you money too.

There's really no catch.

I can't promise that the discounts will be huge, or that deals will pay for your next trip. But they might get you some new travel gear, take the sting off those flights, get you an extra night's accommodation or cheaper transport.

More importantly, I'll do the work and send whatever I can find through to you.


My promises:

1) This is completely risk-free

2) I'll never spam you

3) I'll never ask you for any personal information

4) I'll be completely open and honest about everything I send you

5) You can stop receiving messages whenever you like


So, if you're interested, click below for travel discounts and deals.


I wish you all the very best with your future travels. 

Danny :)